Remove Spray Paint & Graffiti without Destroying The Environment

Mötsenböcker’s LIFT OFF ® line of Earth Friendly products is turning heads around the world. A REAL GREEN PRODUCT since 1978. The most effective removers & cleaners in the world THAT REALLY WORK and are 3 ways safe: for the environment, for any surface and for the people who use them. Invented and Made in USA. Green before green was cool!

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Getting Rid of Unwanted Grafitti

Unless you’re blessed to have world-reknown Banksy spray paint his art on your building, making your business a potential tourist attraction, odds are graffiti is just another unwelcome intrusion into your business that costs time and money to remove. Graffiti is as... read more

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Need graffiti spray paint removed? We are here to help! Give is some info and we'll get you a quote fast!

What Our Customers are Saying

“We appreciate the opportunity to share our experiences with Mötsenböcker’s stain removal products with our customers. These stain removal products, especially Mötsenböcker’s Lift Off #3, have been very helpful in removing many different types of ink stains on fabrics and solid surfaces. Once again, thank you for providing such a useful and readily available remedy for those situations requiring a stain removal product.”

J. Hirsch

Consumer Advisor for Pilot Corp. of America, Pilot Pens

“Hi! I met one of the Mötsenböcker’s at last weekend’s Ace Hardware show in San Diego, and I LOST HIS CARD!!! Anyhoo, I told him about my 13 year old son who left 2 gel pens in his pants… nuff said. I promised to send before and after pictures of my BRAND NEW clothes dryer, which your #3 product made look fabulous!!!! My son, Christian, did the cleanup as penance… I can’t say enough great things about your products. I was a personal user of them but now Hardware store in Arlington MA, which has been in business since 1857! I am sure you’ll be able to get these pictures to the guy who was at the show. I tore my office apart this afternoon trying to find his card, which I only had in my hands 24 hours ago!”

K. Wheatly

Mom & Store Owner, Foxboro, MA

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