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Chicago graffiti removal

Chicago Fights Back

For years, businesses within the Chicago area have been battling its tagging problem, but it wasn’t until the early 90s that the courts finally took an active role in confronting this growing trend. What began as an art form, where painters used letters and abstract design as a method of expression, had become a developing issue for business owners and residents. They would often find unwanted and sometimes offensive trademarks permanently scribbled over their property. For most people, a lack of heavy surveillance makes it hard to prevent vandalism from occurring. In those situations, the only way to safeguard against it is ensuring you have the tools for effectively removing it.

Unsightly markings can be eyesores at public parks or spread over cars. Not only does searching for removal products that actually work present its own challenges, but managing to remove unwanted spray paint without damaging the surface underneath can be equally frustrating. Many products are high in additives that are known to be environmentally toxic, and the typical assumption is chemical-based removers are likely to be more effective. Naturally, it’s hard to believe a biodegradable, water-based solution, like Motsenbocker’s Lift-Off, could perform as well as other, more concentrated industry leading products, especially on porous surfaces, like brick, wood, and concrete.


Getting The Job Done

Graffiti removal services can be expensive, especially for large commercial sites. The initial charge is typically for the trip to the location and usually a flat fee. Once the process begins, customers are charged for each square foot that is cleaned. If the vandalized area happens to be city-owned property, Illinois tax payers will almost certainly bear the costly burden of having the paint removed. Restoring graffiti riddled property as a community project has worked well in some areas, and organizations can take advantage of Lift-Off’s low VOC (volatile organic compounds) benefits.

Spray paint can end up anywhere, including glass and metal, and learning how to get rid of it on your own may help you sleep more soundly at night. Sure, a few applications of vinegar and elbow grease might do the trick, provided the razor blades don’t ruin the glass. However, Lift-Off is an industrial-grade, all-in-one solution. It even works effortlessly on plastic surfaces, like dry erase boards, where ink has set in after months of neglect. As annoying as unwanted graffiti can be, it helps to know you have a reliable defense.

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