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Graffiti can be artistic, and many forms are, but then there’s also graffiti used to denote gang symbols and other unsightly things that need to be removed in Denver, CO. Having a business in a location that’s prone to graffiti can be a pain, but keeping unwanted graffiti at bay is possible.

Graffiti is often hard to police and the perpetrators rarely, if ever, get caught. Having a clean surface one day could mean a ugly symbol or picture the next. The trick is not stopping the vandals from tagging your building, although that would be ideal, it’s finding the proper solvents to remove the paint from walls and other surfaces while spending the least amount of time and money doing it.

Often times many business owners will call the authorities hoping the police can do something about it, or they’ll turn to calling a professional cleaner who will sandblast the wall surface or use dangerous and harsh chemicals to erode the spray paint. Doing this is not only expensive, but it may only be semi-effective at removing the paint. At this point, you might as well paint the wall and create a new canvas for the next guy with a can of spray paint.

Do-It Yourself

The best option for removing graffiti is getting rid of it yourself. You could use a power washer and scrub it off with steel wool or wire brushes damaging the surface, or, you can use LiftOff. LiftOff is an environmentally-friendly, water-based solution that’s effective at removing graffiti.

LiftOff is perfect for multiple surfaces, and it won’t cause damage. LiftOff can even clean the surface of your car. However, you may need to use a power washer on wall surfaces to completely remove the paint. Always be sure to use non-abrasive materials, like paper towels, on your car to avoid scratches or other damage.

As stated before, LiftOff is environmentally safe and has no unpleasant odors or fumes. LiftOff can be removed from your brushes or hands with soap and water, and it can be rinsed off of walls and floors with a garden hose. Just be sure to keep LiftOff away from your eyes as it is a harsh soap.

If graffiti is an ongoing problem at your place of business or at your home, having a supply of LiftOff is a must. Removing graffiti quickly, cleanly, and inexpensively will not only deter future vandalism, but you’ll feel confident that you’re saving money while protecting the environment at the same time.

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