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New York graffiti removal

Graffiti in New York, NY

New York City, NY is known for its 24/7 hustle and bustle as well as a plethora of culture, industry, and events. Unfortunately for business owners, it is also known for its abundance of graffiti. For those who own industrial and commercial buildings in the nation’s largest city, graffiti is an everyday issue. Brick, concrete, glass, and metal exteriors are routinely scrawled with spray paint and professional removal companies make a killing providing their removal services. If you are a business owner in NYC who is tired of paying these removal costs and wasting hours waiting for the service to arrive and wondering how to get rid of the paint yourself, then there is finally a solution.

Remove Graffiti Yourself

LiftOff Graffiti Remove is a product that has been aiding New York business owners, providing a cheap, effective, and safe graffiti removal method that never requires calling in expensive professional services. Even for delicate surfaces such as wood and plastic, LiftOff Graffiti Remove works to strip away paint while never damaging the surface.

Using LiftOff Graffiti Remove is easy. Just spray the product onto the paint, let it soak in, and then scrub away the particles with a stiff brush. For delicate surfaces such as a car exterior, use paper towels instead in order to not scratch the surface. Then just hose the area down and watch the graffiti disappear. Safe enough to use on delicate surfaces but strong enough to fully remove all traces of graffiti, LiftOff Graffiti Remove truly is an effective solution.

Non-Harmful Solution

With zero harmful chemicals, this water-based formula is safe to breath when in use and isn’t harmful to the environment in any way. LiftOff Graffiti Remove is fully biodegradable and contains no VOCs. Users can rest assured they are not harming themselves or the environment when using this effective solution to remove graffiti from their business exterior.

Although LiftOff Graffiti Remove is safe, you still don’t want to get it in your eyes and should carefully wash your hands after use.

Fighting Graffiti

We all know that graffiti art has become accepted in the art world, but that doesn’t mean you want unwelcome graffiti scrawled on the walls of your business. Graffiti vandalism continues to be a major issue in cities across the Nation, with New York City being one of the top graffiti-prone metropolises. LiftOff Graffiti Remove serves is a great tool in the battle against graffiti, effectively removing spray paint while saving businesses like yours thousands of dollars per year in professional removal services.

For business owners across the Nation, LiftOff Graffiti Remove is your innovative solution for effective, cheap, and safe removal of unwanted graffiti. With this DIY solution you can say goodbye to the professional removal services and save your company the time, money, and hassle. No matter if you’re in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, or Staten Island, if graffiti is a problem for you then there is finally an effective solution. This product has been the answer for hundreds of business owners in the area, so see what the fuss is about and get your LiftOff Graffiti Remove today.

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