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If you are a business owner in San Francisco, CA there are many ways to decorate the exterior of your business. Unfortunately, there are individuals within the city who may take it upon themselves to decorate your exterior in an illegal and unwanted fashion by spraying graffiti across brick, glass, concrete, and metal surfaces. When you first see the thick spray paint scarring the outside of your commercial business in the morning, you may think that complete removal is hopeless. Fortunately, this is not the case if you have the right product at your disposal.

The Do It Yourself Solution

LiftOff Graffiti Remove has been aiding business owners across California by providing a cheap, safe, and effective method to remove graffiti that does not require the use of expensive professional services. With LiftOff Graffiti Remove you can effectively eliminate tough graffiti from multiple surfaces. This product works well on everything from brick and concrete to wood and plastic, removing all traces of graffiti and leaving the surface looking like new.

After application of the product, a stiff brush can be used to get rid of paint particles. For gentle surfaces such as a car or wood exterior, paper towels can be used to wipe down the area before hosing it off. Tough enough to completely remove graffiti but gentle enough to not cause damage to surfaces, LiftOff Graffiti Remove is the answer for anyone wondering how to effectively remove graffiti without the hassle and cost of hiring a professional removal service.

The Safe Solution

LiftOff Graffiti Remove is not only effective but also safe. Fully biodegradable and water-based, this product contains low VOCs as well so you never have to worry about breathing in harmful fumes during use. You can rest easy knowing you aren’t harming the environment or yourself when using LiftOff Graffiti Remove.

Like any solution, you do want to avoid getting this product in your eyes or extensively on your skin. Should this happen, rinse it off completely with water.

Combating the Problem

Although commissioned graffiti can be seen as an art form when used on murals and other installations, unwanted graffiti is a detriment to industrial and residential areas in cities across the nation. Graffiti is unattractive and accounts for many thousands of dollars in damages each year. San Francisco, CA is certainly no exception, which is why LiftOff Graffiti Remove is such a welcome product. Effectively removing graffiti while not causing any damage to the environment or users, LiftOff Graffiti Remove is a truly effective solution in combating the graffiti problem.

For industry and commercial buildings in cities across America, LiftOff Graffiti Remove is an inexpensive, safe, and remarkably effective solution for the removal of graffiti from any type of surface. There is no longer any need to hire professional services that take up your time and money. So if you have been experiencing graffiti problems at your San Francisco, CA business, make sure to invest in LiftOff Graffiti Remove for a safe DIY solution for the removal of spray paint.

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